School Procedures

Visitors on Campus

Due to safety concerns, parents/guardians or volunteers are required to check in through the Main Office before going to classrooms. All visitors to our campus must sign in and wear a visitor name tag. To protect our children, we must request your cooperation in limiting the open door policy to prearranged visits only. Parents wishing to observe in classrooms must prearrange a mutually agreeable time with the teacher.


Bikes, Skateboards and Scooters

Bikes may be ridden by students and parked in the assigned parking areas. This is a privilege, and if abused, the right to ride a bike may be taken away. It is recommended that bikes be locked during school hours. By law, all children riding bicycles are required to wear a bike helmet. The riding of bikes, scooters, and skateboards on school property is not permitted.


Early Dismissal

We will not interrupt classrooms to sign students out for early dismissal after 2:30 p.m or 1:30 p.m on Wednesday. We strongly encourage parents to make appointments for after school hours. Early dismissals are very disruptive to the instructional process. A photo I.D. will be required to sign a student out of school. This is for your child’s protection. Students who need to leave the campus during the school day for a dental, doctor, or other appointment will be checked out by the parent or guardian through the Main Office. No student should leave the campus for any other reason. For the safety of our children, no student is to be removed from class without the teacher’s prior knowledge. Students being checked out from the clinic must be signed out by a parent or guardian. Students may be checked out only by those persons authorized to do so. A photo I.D. will be required to sign a student out of the clinic.


Lost and Found

Students are encouraged to label all personal items for easy identification. The Lost and Found is located by the stage in the cafeteria. Unclaimed items are periodically donated to charity.